Group Leader

Dr. Mohammed Mizanur Rahman a Distinguished Professor of Applied Chemistry and Chemical Engineering of the University of Dhaka received his Ph.D. in analytical and environmental chemistry from Kumamoto University, Japan in 2005. He was a gold medal recipient of Bangladesh Academy of Science-2009 and winner of the Young Scientist Award of Third World Academy of Sciences (TWAS, Triste, Italy, 2010). He was also awarded the illustrious Japan Society for the Promotion of Sciences (JSPS, Japan) & Alexander von Humboldt (Germany) postdoctoral fellowship for his outstanding caliber in research. In 2020, Dr. Rahman successfully completed his five-year tenure as the Director and CEO of the National Institute of Textile Engineering and Research (NITER) where his efforts were pivotal in establishing the institute as the vanguard of textile and allied engineering education in Bangladesh. Dr. Rahman is currently serving as nominated director of Maksons spinning Mills Ltd and Bangladesh Textile Mills Association of Bangladesh. As an eminent scientist, he has published more than 180 publications in referred journals, books and encyclopedia. The major focus of his research group is on environmental analytical chemistry, polymers, and biomaterials but it also covers a broad spectrum of chemical & materials science.